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After positing a Instagram promotional reel video on Instagram I got DMed about some some questions about Tintage.

1. When did you decide you want to start your own business?

Martin: I graduated from university in 2020. I’ve always wanted to start a company since I could remember. During the pandemic, every job was remote. I thought now was the right time to start a company now that I would be home anyways.

2. How did you come up with the idea?

Martin: Since the pandemic, I’ve seen more and more people add links to their bio offering a service or selling something.

3. Why did you call it "TINTAGE"?

Martin: I wanted something short and memorable. Oh and the domain name was available. I bought it back in 2016.

4. What are your plans for the future?

Martin: To expand and provide more tools to help people monetise earn money online

5. How is Tintage any better than other "create your own website" companies?

Martin: Tintage takes a unique approach to traditional "create your own website". Tintage focuses on the essentials. Customers want to do things quickly and easily.

Martin: Starting a business can also be costly. Tintage provides a free way to get started.

6. Do you have plans for updates or more features?

Martin: Yeah, can’t say exactly what but, let me know if there is anything you’d like to see.

7. Are you scared of a certain outcome while running your business?

Martin: There are always risks when running a business. Problems will be dealt with as they arise. But I think the most important thing to a successful outcome is not giving up.

8. What are other kinds of businesses that interest you personally?

Martin: Anything tech

9. Were you influenced by something or someone that sparked your interest in ecommerce? (besides the standard culprits like garyvee..)

Martin: I saw a gap in the market. I tried to set up a store 2 years ago with Shopify and it takes like a week to get everything fully set up even if you want to sell 1 item and the monthly fee is too costly when you’re starting out.

10. If there is one thing you are working for be it making a name for yourself or a certain income. What is that one thing?

Martin: To help people free up more time and do what they’re passionate about.


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