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Create a Store For Your Bio In minutes

Create your own mobile optimised page that lets you sell your products, share affiliate links and more in your Instagram, X (Formerly Twitter) or TikTok bio.
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Voted #1 on SaasHub
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Easy Setup 🛒

Increase your sales with a quick and easy setup. Sign up and create your page in just 5 minutes. Add your links, list your products, and start selling immediately.

Instagram Product Import

Already have products on your Instagram page? Use the AI Product Importer tool to save time. Import images and captions to create optimized product descriptions effortlessly.

Selling Online With No Store

Tired of answering endless questions and handling orders manually? Increase sales by letting your customers order directly from your site.

Friday, July 19

Before Tintage

Overwhelmed with questions but not seeing sales? Streamline your process with Tintage—let customers buy directly while you focus on your business.

Selling Online With a Tintage Store

Less work, more sales. More time, to build and create.

Friday, July 19

With Tintage

Sales are coming in and you can focus on your business. You even managed to upgrade to the new iPhone 15 Pro 😉.

Everything You Need to Monetize Your Content

Tintage is the easiest way to sell on social media. It's built for the social media age, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to start a business or build an online store.

Full Ecommerce Mode
Tintage handles everything. No third-party services needed. Sell physical products and digital products, and email digital files directly to your customers.

One-Time Payment for Four Services’ Value

Tintage offers the value of Shopify, Gumroad, Sendowl, and Linktree combined. At the cost of one month of one of them.

Tintage (1 Year All-Access)
$49 One-time payment
  • 5% transaction fee
  • Sell Physical Products
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Online Store
  • Sell directly to customers
  • Link page
  • Participate in monthly contests
Offer Ends Soon
$99 $49
One-time payment. No recurring fees.
1 Year All Access
Shopify: Online Store
Gumroad: Sell Digital Files
10% transaction fee
Sendowl: Sell Digital Products
Sendowl: Sell Digital Products
$18/month + 5% transaction fee
Linktree: Link page
= $744 / year ($62/month)
Auto Recurring Renewals + High Fees

Get Started.
In 3 Steps.

Product screenshot
1. Add Products and Links.
Add the products you have for sale to your page.
2. Share Link on Social.
Share your link so your followers and customers can buy your products.
3. Setup your payment account.
Payments are sent directly to your bank account via Stripe.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Designed to be easy to use, and to help you grow your business.

Built-in Ecommerce
Link-in-bio page
Sell Digital Products
SEO Optimised Products Page
AI Features

Frequently asked questions

Start selling in minutes

Sell online with a single link. Use Tintage to connect with your audience, accept payments, and grow your business.